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Augmenting trainings for smallholders: from Field Schools to Coaching Visits

As school knowledge is tested by exams, the efficiency of farmer trainings is evaluated by adoption rates. A training is considered successful not when a large number of people attend it, but when farmers start practically applying the techniques they’ve learnt. One of the reasons Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung follows a no-reward policy in farmer schooling is to eliminate attendees who come for a gift…

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Asia-Pacific cooperation: Indonesian coffee agronomists get trained in Vietnam

Why does a farmer in Indonesia harvest 0.5 Mt of coffee per ha, whereas in Vietnam they get 2-4 Mt? It’s not just geography and climate. Both countries face unpredictable weather fluctuations. Rather, it’s agricultural methods. As the governor of OKU Selatan District Popo Ali put it: “Indonesians traditionally plant coffee and leave it till it’s time to harvest” Admittedly, the access to plantations is…

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Dave D’haeze on global coffee supply shortage: think Philippines

It was probably the last thing that delegates of the 23d International Coffee Conference expected to hear when the regional manager of Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung Asia Pacific Dr. Dave D’haeze pointed out: “Philippines has a potential of becoming the third coffee tiger in South-East Asia if international coffee platforms grant their support” In the situation of a global coffee supply shortage of up to…

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