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Adapting Coffee Industry to Climate Change: Towards a National Strategy

The first multi-stakeholder discussion on this topic was organized by HRNS on behalf of the initiative for coffee&climate and CIAT in July 2017. It aimed to reveal the major issues caused to the Vietnamese coffee sector by the changing climate and develop an action plan on a national level. Forty participants of the workshop represented all fields of the industry – government’s agencies (MARD, DARD, IPSARD), roasters (JDE,…

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Climate change in Vietnam: From reports to actions

Climate change has been affecting Vietnamese coffee industry for nearly a decade and is finally conceded on a state level as a real threat to the country’s economy. That was one of the central issues discussed at the International Workshop “Development of Vietnam Coffee Industry Adapting to Climate Change and International Integration” organized by the Central Highlands Steering Committee, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development…

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