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Groundwater recharge – helping Vietnamese farmers to build climate resilience

A year ago now, in March 2017 first Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) stations were installed at six locations in Dak Lak to test the technology and decide on its future implementstion in the Central Highlands to help coffee farmers deal with water scarcity during the dry season. The concept of MAR is to capture and redirect rainfall water during the wet season into the farmers’…

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Managed Aquifer Recharge to Refill Groundwater Reservoirs

Watering coffee plants during the blooming stage is vital in the Central Highlands. Without proper irrigation flowers remain small and prone to wilthing. They wouldn’t develop into good cherries. Which would mean poorer yields and lower income. No wonder almost all ground water in Central Highlands is used up by farmers for coffee irrigation by the end of dry season, so that local residents face…

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