My name is K’Briong, and I’m a smallholder from Duc Trong region in Lam Dong province. In twelve years of working as a farmer I’ve been planting a variety of crops such as rice, sweet potatoes, aubergines, and beans, but those are mostly for our domestic use. The main source of my family’s income is coffee. This crop is more economically viable. Usually we work in the field with my wife but in some seasons when there is too much work we ask our grown up children to help.

In my farming practice there are always issues that farmers don’t know how to deal with.

When two years ago I heard about HRNS trainings from Agricultural extension Center, I decided to join the project to learn about coffee growing.

I think the two most important things I’ve learnt throughout the course were selecting coffee varieties, grafting and fertilizing.

I realized that investing in carefully selected coffee varieties is vital for my business

When I started applying the knowledge from the Farmer Field School my annual yields increased from 2 tons per ha up to 4-5 tons per ha. In general that was a very useful training for me, I only wish they also taught such topics as machines and devices that farmers can use in their practice, for example for drying or milling.

In the near future I’m planning to start doing more inter-cropping. At the moment I only have coffee and pepper. I think I’ll consider avocado and durian as two other crops to mix with coffee.